The Pizza Connection Reviews

What people are saying about The Pizza Connection Short Film.

Every family needs to watch this powerful film.

The Pizza Connection has a compelling message that will make a tremendous impact on countless families. Every family needs to watch this powerful film.

Patrick Lencioni, New York Times best-selling author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family

A non-confrontational way to challenge dads.

As a pastor The Pizza Connection is a non-confrontational way to challenge dads to remember what matters the most. I have shown this movie to dads of all ages with the same result – self examination and action. I have found myself putting my cell phone in the glove compartment and re-evaluating how I spend my time. The Pizza Connection also reinforces that anyone can enjoy life and our relationships regardless of our financial situations or the size of our bank accounts.

Tommy Covington / Pastor – Bartow First Assembly

The Pizza Connection is really a volume speaker!

The Pizza Connection is really a volume speaker !!!!!! Would that every father would have fun with his son like the 2nd disadvantaged father did!!
Job Michael !!!!!!

Janyce Freund

Great Short Film!

That was great!! Loved it!! – I’m gonna take my girls for some pizza.

Davene / Mom

What a great little film!

What a great little film – I loved it. This film should be shown in schools to get the kids to start talking about their feelings. I am going to send this to my sister and colleagues who are involved in emotional intelligence in school system


The Pizza Connection helped me to see it.

Wow. Just wow. I know I’m a mom but I’m completely that dad. Now I can see it.

Alice Bruce / Mom

Might this be a bit cathartic?

What a great film this is… might this be a bit cathartic? Was for me FOR SURE!

Mike Radford

The perfect Father’s Day Film!

The Pizza Connection is great!! The perfect Fathers’ Day film…. actually, for any day!

Sandy Cheatwood

My family loves The Pizza Connection

My family and I love The Pizza Connection. Sad enough that happens all the time, where parents care so much about making money and paying bills and getting new things for kids than the actual feelings.

Roselyn Torrellas-Peguero

Awesome Short Film!

Awesome…..fantastic…….you guys did a great job!

Mark Januszewski